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Dental Health Examination (DHE)

During your DHE we will assess the health of your mouth including a screening for oral cancer and other diseases which may present in the mouth and/or facial area. 

We check your level of comfort ; whether any disease is present or developing in your mouth, teeth or gums, which is causing or likely to cause pain.

We assess your level of function; can you eat and chew all the types of food that you want to? Is your speech influenced by a lack of teeth or poor fitting dentures? Do your gums hurt where you have lost teeth but still chew on these areas?

We determine whether these aspects are likely to remain stable and discuss how to maintain or improve your comfort, function and stability going forward.

We will then move on to aesthetic considerations, are you are happy with the appearance of your teeth and smile? The only person who can decide whether your mouth, teeth and smile are acceptable is you, the patient. We can discuss with you solutions that are achievable and most importantly, maintainable in your mouth.