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Covid 19 Patient Information

We have made changes to our building and to the delivery of our dental care so that we can look after you safely during the current COVID 19 pandemic and beyond. Our opening hours have also been extended.

If you do have a dental problem please call us straight away so that we can organise appropriate care.

Although we are operating in a different way please don’t worry , we will explain everything to you in advance and help you through the process.

Please telephone 01202 512967 to make appointments, PLEASE DO NOT VISIT US WITHOUT AN APPOINTMENT AS WE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO SEE YOU

Prior to all appointments, over the phone, we will update your medical history, carry out a Covid-19 screening and triage any dental issues you may have. We will also explain what to do on the day of your appointment.

On the day of your appointment: A brief outline

  • Before arriving at the practice please go to the bathroom, and make sure you are hydrated. We cannot provide refreshment currently and access to our toilet facilities will be strictly limited.
  • If possible please attend alone unless you are accompanying a child or require carer assistance. Please discuss this with us in advance of your visit.
  • Remember to bring your mobile phone with you and call us from outside once you are nearby. Please wait where you are until we invite you to come in and please leave all unnecessary belongings behind. If you don’t have a mobile phone we will make alternative arrangements.
  • We will be waiting to open the front door for you and will ask you to use hand sanitizer. We will then take you directly to your appointment room.
  • Don’t worry if we look a little different, it is still us underneath all that extra personal protective equipment !!
  • After your appointment we will ask you to hand sanitise again before sorting out payment (by card please if possible) and booking any further appointments. We will then show you out of the building.

We look forward to seeing you and are very grateful for your patience and understanding during these unfamiliar and testing times.

You can download the new Covid-19 screening here.
Best wishes from all at 854 Dental Health